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San Francisco Bay Area climate, with its relatively constant and moderate temperatures, allows for the year round outdoor painting. This is not to say that local house painters are not faced with their own climate related painting challenges.

As in most other regions, we do have wet and dry seasons. But one of the peculiarities about painting in the San Francisco Bay Area is that coastal humidity can sometimes make it more difficult to paint in the summer than during the official “Rainy Season”.

Excessive moisture content of the surface to be painted and the relative ambient humidity will negatively affect the quality of a paint job. This makes it necessary, no matter the season, to regularly monitor the local weather forecast, relative ambient humidity, and the moisture content of painted surfaces.

With more then twenty five years of painting in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the experience of well over a thousand of exterior painting projects, we at Classic Shades Painting Co have learned how to successfully deal with local climate painting challenges.

Properly dealing with the climatic aspects of painting is an important part of what has to be done to do a good job. But there is a bit more to it.

Our focus is on two main points:

  1. Reliability

    We know that one of the greatest concerns in choosing a contractor is having certainty that the services quoted will be delivered not only at a very high level, but also in a timely and professional manner. Basically, reliability to us means doing what was promised, and we always do what we promise!

  2. Quality

    All of our work is done by experienced professionals and we use only the highest quality, tried and tested materials and tools. Our painting crews are specially trained to meet and exceed all established painting industry quality standards, and our work comes with a warranty. We are obsessed with leaving a pristine home once we are finished. The job is not complete until the customer signs off on the results.

So whether you need a multi-story structure painted, or just want to freshen up the facade of your home, if you want a great looking, long-lasting exterior paint job, look no further and call Classic Shades Painting. You will be glad you did. Guaranteed!

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